Opossums Invading American Cities, Sparking Typhus Fever Outbreak

Inside Edition linked up with a pest control expert to catch some of the marsupials.

Opossums have become a growing nuisance as they are found across the country in increasing numbers. 

The marsupials are commonly associated with rural America, but they are now calling big cities their home — especially now, their breeding season.

One opossum was recently found on a shelf in a Queens, New York, grocery store. 

The onslaught of opossums is coming with a new danger: an outbreak of a type of typhus fever reported in California. Murine typhus causes severe flu-like symptoms and can be transmitted by the fleas that opossums carry.

Inside Edition linked up with Jeremy Bailey of Animal Capture Wildlife Control when he responded to a call at a residence in Burbank.

“Because of the typhus outbreak, [if] they see an animal in the yard, they are terrified,” he told Inside Edition.

He checked vents around the house for openings and explained the creatures will rip them open and live under the house.

He set a trap and spread cat food to lure the animal in the homeowner’s yard. 

The next day he checked on the trap, and found an opossum inside. 

The homeowner, Art Morison, told Inside Edition he was concerned by the fleas that the opossums bring in.