Oregon Couple Go Down the Aisle a Second Time, Aboard Airline Flight

Jasmine and Brandon Fast had no idea what the flight attendants had planned.

Jasmine and Brandon Fast got married twice — once on the ground and once in the air. But the second ceremony was a total surprise. 

The couple were on a Southwest Airlines flight last week, returning from their honeymoon, when the intercom went off, ordering the Fasts to the front of the plane.

Brandon had been asleep. Jasmine was working a Sudoko. "We were like, 'Oh my goodness, like why are they doing this? So nice. Everyone started clapping for us," Jasmine told InsideEdition.com. 

The Fasts hadn't exactly tried to hide the fact they were newlyweds. Their Disney World T-shirts read "Just Married." Flight attendants had already brought them bottles of champagne and congratulated them. 

"The congratulations was like the thing that we were expecting, and then the champagne was another step that we were like, 'Aw, that's really cool.' And then we thought that was it," she said. 

Being summoned to the cockpit area made clear that the festivities were not yet over.

Passengers were instructed to lower their window shades and switch on their overhead reading lights.

So in an dimly lit fuselage, Brandon and Jasmine were crowned with headpieces of twisted pretzel bags. Jasmine was bedecked with a white sash made from toilet paper that proclaimed "Just Married" (as if the T-shirt wasn't a big enough tip-off). 

As passengers clapped, the newlyweds were awarded a barf bag full of cocktail napkins. On each one, a passenger had written their best advice on what constituted a lasting marriage.

That was the best gift of all, the Fasts said. 

"To have people you don't even know come together, and care about people they don't even know," said Brandon, trying to explain how deeply those missives touched him. "They all took the time and wrote genuine advice on napkins because they wanted to see us succeed, even though they didn't even know who we were."

Jasmine felt the same. "These are strangers ... to have them care about like that, it was awesome."

What was some of the advice?

Most of the notes were of practical note, boiling down to a basic theme of don't sweat the small stuff, the new husband said. 

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