Oregon Doctor Steven LaTulippe Calls Suspension for Advising Against Mask-Wearing at Trump Rally 'Political'

Dr. Steven LaTulippe bragged at a Nov. 7 "Stop the Steal" rally that he and his staff do not wear masks in their clinic.
Dr. Steven LaTulippe bragged at a Nov. 7 "Stop the Steal" rally that he and his staff do not wear masks in their clinic.(Getty)

Steven LaTulippe, who once practiced as a family doctor in Dallas, Oregon, said at the Nov. 7 "Stop the Steal" rally that he and his staff do not wear masks in their clinic, and encouraged others to stop wearing their own masks too.

An Oregon doctor who had his medical license suspended after telling the public to stop wearing masks at a Trump rally last month, is continuing to stand by his belief, calling his suspension a result of “political correction that has tainted medicine.” Steven LaTulippe disagreed with the Oregon Medical Board's decision to suspend his license and planned to fight the action, his office's voicemail message said. 

“The Oregon Medical Board has temporarily suspended Dr. LaTulippe’s medical license because he has chosen to practice evidence-based medicine rather than submit to the political correction that has tainted medicine,” said a statement on his Dallas office’s voicemail. “Sadly, the Oregon Medical Board considers patient abandonment to be okay. We. Do. Not. And we are actively working on fixing the problem as soon as possible.”

The response comes just days after the family doctor's medical license was suspended on the claim that the false information he spread about mask-wearing to his patients, staff and the general public makes him “an immediate danger to the public.”

In the lengthy emergency suspension order, the medical board alleged that LaTulippe and his staff refused to wear masks. He also reportedly encouraged patients to remove their own masks, claiming that N95 respirators are useless against COVID-19 particles and that face coverings are “very dangerous” to elderly and pediatric patients, the medical board claimed.

LaTulippe also incorrectly advised only symptomatic patients to wear face coverings, according to the medical board. One particular patient, who asked whether they should be tested for COVID-19 in July, was told they shouldn’t be tested if they were asymptomatic, and that they shouldn’t self-isolate because exposure to other people would provide them with immunity to the coronavirus, the medical board order alleges. This patient was “terminated as a patient” when asking if the advice was appropriate, the document claimed.

The suspension comes a month after LaTulippe said at a Nov. 7 “Stop the Steal” rally that he and his staff do not wear face masks. There LaTulippe also falsely claimed that “COVID-19 is no more” in a speech. “I and my staff, none of us, not once, wore a mask in my clinic,” LaTulippe was recorded saying at the rally. “I petition all of you, take off your mask of shame.”

Instead of wearing a mask, LaTulippe claimed he and his staff instead teaches patients how to minimize exposure to the coronavirus, and has a strict regimen on treating patients who tested positive, including only treating them at the end of the day, Insider reported before his license was revoked.

However, an investigator with the Oregon Medical Board found that “no screening procedures were in place … no hand sanitizer was available in the waiting area,” the document stated. Instead, a sign warning of carbon dioxide toxicity was posted in a public area of the clinic.  

Inside Edition Digital was unable to reach LaTulippe or his staff for a statement.