Orphaned Hare Makes Surprise Return to Family Who Saved Her

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An orphaned hare who was saved by a family in England is expressing its gratitude with surprise visits to their home in Lincolnshire.The baby hare, named Clover, was rescued and hand-reared for eight weeks before being returned to the wild, but the animal is now making visits to the home in which she was raised for two months.

Clover has come back to the garden to hang out and is also welcomed back in the home to play.

“We feel a bit like Snow White really,” Natasha Terry, 43, told the PA news agency. “She came through the back door into the house, which we were surprised about, and she went upstairs and looked into the mirror on our wardrobe – it was like she’d turned up to check how much she’d grown.”

“She’s been in a couple of times now – the back door’s open and I think she just thought she’d come and see where she used to live,” she added.

When the family took Clover in, it was the start of lockdown and no one was able to help them aid the animal, so they began to research what to do online and it seemed to do the trick. They named it Clover because the youngest of the family found a four leaf clover in their garden soon after they began nurturing the hare.

Clover was fed through small bottles and they monitored its weight every step of the way making sure it was not malnourished or overfed.

When the family released Clover back into the wild in June, she has made routine stops back to the family.

“She hopped off and we thought we might see her once or twice but to our surprise she comes back on a daily basis pretty much to come and say hi,” Terry said.


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