Oscars 2018: Producers Urge Attendees to Keep Politics and Activism Out of Celebration

Executives reportedly want next week's ceremony to celebrate the films and be less about the activism.

The Oscars want more glitz and glamour and less politics, according to reports. 

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have been front and center at recent award shows like the Golden Globes, BAFTAs and the Grammys.

Now, executives at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences say they want next week’s show to celebrate the movies and not be full of activism and politics.  

It was a sea of black gowns at January's Golden Globes as many major stars wore the color in solidarity with the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns. 

At the Grammys earlier this month, the movements were front and center thanks to performances from Kesha, as well as an impassioned speech for women’s equality by Janelle Monae.

The show also had politically charged performances from Kendrick Lamar and U2, and even featured Hillary Clinton reading an excerpt from the explosive Trump administration book, Fire and Fury.

Ratings for the Grammys were down 24 percent from 2017’s show. 

"I think people are getting burned out and sort of want a little break and a little focus on the movies themselves,” Rebecca Ford of The Hollywood Reporter told Inside Edition. “In general, ratings for this have been going down for television over the years, especially when things get too political, we do see that people tune out."

The Oscars are being hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, who often targets President Trump in the opening monologues of his talk show.