Outdoors Heaters Among Latest Items to Be in Short Supply Amid Pandemic

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Brienne Volpe hoped to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner in her backyard, eating outdoors to remain safer from COVID-19. She planned to make everyone cozy with some heat lamps like the ones used at restaurants, but when she went online to order some, she discovered that they were sold out.

“We literally just went on all these websites, we’re like ‘Oh, we’ll just order one real quick, we were ordering our furniture.’ And then everyone was like, sold out, sold out, back order,” Volpe told Inside Edition.

With so many stuck at home, creating a comfortable outdoor space has become a priority. But if you don’t already have furniture or heaters, it may be hard to find them now.

“Suppliers, for example, weren’t anticipating high demand this year, so they’ve not been able to fulfill some of these orders for the last three to six months and maybe, possibly even longer,” Fox Business correspondent Jackie DeAngelis told Inside Edition.

Among other things in short supply as people prepare for another possible lockdown include laptops, deep freezers, home workout equipment, and bicycles.


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