Owner of Hero Pit Bull Says She Owes Son's Life to Pup

The courageous canine died after killing a venomous coral snake that was near the boy.

The owner of the hero pit bull that died after killing a venomous snake outside the family's home says she owes her son's life to the courageous pup.

Georgina Richardson spoke to Inside Edition about the death of Zeus, the Florida family's 8-month-old dog. While her 10-year-old son Oriley was playing outside, Zeus lunged in Oriley's direction and began fussing with something on the ground.

"I thought it was a rope. He had it in his mouth and he was shaking it around," Oriley told Inside Edition.

However, the pup had taken hold of a highly dangerous coral snake. 

The serpent bit Zeus at least four times on his body before the dog bit its head off and swallowed it.

"Zeus just started to roll over and as he rolled over I could see that the snake was dead," Georgina said.

A frantic Georgina rushed Zeus to the animal hospital for anti-venom, but it was too late for the brave canine. He ended up dying from his injuries.

The family of six gathered at the hospital together to say their final goodbyes to Zeus, and they went home with a mold of the pup's paw print.

In an emotional interview, Georgina was thankful her strong dog was willing to put his life on the line for her son's.

"Had it not been for him, my son might not be here right now," she said through tears.