Packs of Wild Boar Spotted Roaming Through Italian Suburbs

Sadly, wild boar sightings aren’t welcome and are causing political problems.

Rome has long been a tourist destination for humans, but apparently, the Italian city attracts wildlife now.

Wild boar sightings down residential streets have become common in northern Rome. But they aren’t welcome and are causing political problems.

The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, is suing the Lazio region of Italy partly over the management of the wild boars. 

The mayor says regions similar to American states are responsible for dealing with wild animals. The Lazio region says the management of animals outside of parks is up to the cities. 

Boars, also called feral pigs, are known to be destructive and have few natural predators.

They move in “familial groups called sounders,” according to National Geographic, and they’ve been blamed for many car accidents.

Farmer’s organization Coldiretti says there are approximately 2.3 million wild boar in Italy.

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