Panda Is Captivated by His New Toy as He Plays in His Enclosure

He's been finding creative new ways to play.

This panda has no trouble entertaining himself, especially with his new toy.

The giant, red object quickly attracted Fafa’s attention, and he has already found a number of unique ways to play with it. 

He even stuffed a recent meal of fresh bamboo inside the circular toy.

The size and color of the object has left the panda enamored with the object.

"Fafa prefers big toys to small ones, so he is pretty interested in big ones," said Xue Fei, panda breeder of the Shenyang Forest Zoo. "He has special love for red... and he is deeply attracted by the red toy and plays with it for a long time."

But the transition to life with the toy hasn't always been a peaceful one.

"He didn't find a proper way to play at first and got himself stuck inside, which really pissed him off," Fei said. "So he hit the toy to let off his fury.”

Thankfully, he was able to get over that hurdle.

Fafa is the only male of four pandas at the zoo.