Paramedics Grant Dying Man's Wish to See Ocean 1 Last Time

Facebook / Queensland Amulance Service / Neil King

Two paramedics in Australia granted a dying man’s wish of seeing the ocean one last time on Saturday in Queensland, according to Australia’s News Chant.

The paramedics are being praised for their kindness and understanding as they took the man to Cleveland Point Lighthouse in Brisbane, where they were photographed by resident Neil King, Times Now reported.

King took a photo of the two paramedics standing on opposite sides of a bed with the gentlemen on it and uploaded it to Facebook, where it went viral within the country, Daily Mail reported.

"Lovely watching the amazing paramedics bringing an obviously not well patient to the point for a visit on her way to the hospital(?). So grateful to our front line workers for serving so kindly. The gesture was amazing but the kind words and lovely conversation they shared even more so. Thank you Queensland Ambulance Service you are amazing,” King wrote on Facebook.

The Queensland Ambulance Service shared the photo on their Facebook page, calling the heartwarming moment “a beautiful simple gesture by our amazing staff.”

News Chant said that the dying’s man identity has remained confidential.


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