Parents Desperate to Find Missing Daughter Last Seen Leaving Snow College in Utah Are Asking Public's Help

Madelyn Allen, 19, disappeared from her dorm room at Snow College on Mon., Dec. 13

“We believe that she is facing a major mental health crisis and she needs our help,” said Madelyn Allen's father, Jonathan Allen.

Nineteen-year-old Madelyn Allen, a student at Utah’s Snow College went missing on Monday, and her family is asking for the public’s help in finding her.

“We believe that she is facing a major mental health crisis and she needs our help,” Madelyn’s father, Jonathan Allen, said during a Thursday press conference held on the Snow College campus. “We are devastated and desperate to find her.”  

Allen was last seen on surveillance video Monday night at 9:22 p.m., leaving her dorm at Snow Hall. She was carrying a plastic bag and wearing a light jacket and skirt.

Madelyn’s father did not share any details as to Madelyn’s current mental state before she went missing.

He said that his daughter, who was born prematurely at 26 weeks, had always been a “fighter,” from the time she was a baby until today. 

“At her birth, she experienced a brain bleed and had a number of issues at that time and since then, she’s faced a myriad of challenges, including disability as well as mental and emotional difficulties,” he said.

 “She loves art and music and she participated in high school musicals and the Snow College choir,” Allen said. “She even worked successfully as a lifeguard, among other jobs.”

Police Chief Derek Walk said, "they are doing everything we can to find Madelyn."

“We believe this is an isolated incident for others and not in danger at this time," Walk said.

Snow College public safety officials indicated that Allen had taken her cellphone with her but did not further elaborate. 

“As this is an ongoing investigation our priority is maintaining the integrity of the case and finding Madelyn as soon as possible and making sure she is safe,” Walk said.

The police chief also said local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, are assisting with this case, and are actively following all leads and tips.

With Christmas less than a week away, Madelyn’s father sent an emotional message to his daughter.

“Dear Maddie, if you can hear us. You are not alone. Many people are facing similar challenges and have faced challenges as this,” Allen said. “We know you are brave and that you are strong. We love you beyond our ability to express. We are here for you and we are anxious for you to come home and be with us for Christmas.”

During the press conference, Jacob Allen, Madelyn’s uncle said that a Facebook and Instagram account has been set up, including an email

“Sweet Maddie is my dear niece,” said Jacob Allen, who became choked up. “We are deeply concerned about Maddie’s well-being.”

When the police chief was asked if someone might be with Madelyn, Walk responded,

“Everything associated with that would be a speculation but I do hope someone is with her and I hope that they are friendly,” he said. 

Snow College officials asked that “people be vigilant,” and to provide any information that may have piqued their interest or been seen out of the norm the night Allen went missing.

Anyone with information regarding Madelyn’s whereabouts, call Sanpete County Dispatch at 435-835-2345.

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