Parents Struggle to Share Space With People Working Out in Playgrounds Amid Gym Closures

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There’s a war in playgrounds, as parents looking to get their kids some outside playtime are struggling to compete with people working out on the jungle gyms. It’s become a big issue since the pandemic has forced tight restrictions on gyms.

With trainers and their clients being forced outdoors, and parents looking to give their kids an escape from being cooped up inside, is it possible to peacefully coexist in a city park?

Inside Edition spoke to a group of moms in Astoria, Queens who bring their kids to a local playground, and they say they don’t want people working out near them. They also say city regulations require adults to be with children when they’re in the playground.

“When there’s kids and you’re doing pullups on a child’s bar, I don’t think that’s right,” one of the mom’s said.

Personal trainer Kevin Bellegarde also brings his clients to the park and says as long as he’s respectful, he has a right to share the space.

“So what I try to do is avoid the play structures as you can see,” Bellegarde told Inside Edition. “We just try to use a mat over here or we try to get a certain area, try to keep ourselves away from the kids.”

“We need a place to work out too, and it’s a community park,” fitness client Vanessa Ellers told Inside Edition. “And as long as we’re respectful of one another, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to coexist here.”


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