Pasta Paranoia! Hundreds of Pounds of Cooked Spaghetti Dumped in New Jersey Woods, Leaving Residents Baffled

Facebook / Nina Jochnowitz

“Lead suspect is a guy name Al Dente,” a person on social media wrote.

Much like the name of the 1993 Guns ‘N Roses album, “The Spaghetti Incident,” there is an actual pasta problem in New Jersey as hundreds of pounds of cooked noodles have been dumped near Veterans Park in Old Bridge.

The images of the rigatoni alla no vodka, ziti minus marinara, circulated on an Old Bridge community post on Facebook.

The images were posted by resident Nina Jochnowitz last Wednesday.

Jochnowitz, a former council candidate, estimated that there had to be more than 500 pounds of pasta left in the woods as the Facebook message said, the New York Post reported.

“It looked like someone filled up a wheelbarrow of pasta and dumped it,” Jochnowitz told the Philadelphia Enquirer.

Old Bridge is a small township in Middlesex with a population of about 66,000, according to the Philadelphia Enquirer.

The images of the pasta quickly circulated on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, with many wondering what is going on and how the plain pasta got there.

“Lead suspect is a guy name Al Dente,” a person on social media wrote.

“Don’t forget his partner Lin Guini,” another person added.

The pasta perp has not been found, according to Jochnowitz.

“You might say, ‘Who cares about pasta?’ But pasta has a PH level that will impact the water stream,” Jochnowitz told the Philadelphia Enquirer. “That water stream is important to clean up because it feeds into the town’s water supply ... It was one of the fastest cleanups I’ve ever seen here.”

“When it rains here, it smells like sewage,” she added. “We got the county to take away about half. But a pile is still there that the township has done nothing to take away.”

The Philadelphia Enquirer reported that most of the pasta has been cleaned up as of Wednesday this week, and all that remains are scattered noodles.

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