Patric Richardson, the 'Pope of Soap,' Spills Secrets on Getting Tough Stains Out

Richardson has a few tips for those in need of a laundry lesson.

Laundry guru Patric Richardson has some very simple solutions to getting out tough stains.

Soap, for example.

"You can absolutely wash anything with this," he said, sifting soap through his hands. To demonstrate, he showed out to remove barbecue sauce stains. First, spray it with a mixture of vinegar and water. Then take a makeup remover pad and rub it firmly on the stain. Next, brush with soap and water.

Run it through the washer on hot.

Need to get rid of red wine spills? Richardson uses sodium percarbonate, which is also found in OxiClean. Don't use bleach, since it can weaken fabrics, he said.

Mixing the product with water sets off a chemical reaction in which stains are lifted from clothing and linens.

Richardson also has a dryer trick. Instead of throwing in a dryer sheet, take a yard of aluminum foil, mash it into a ball and toss it in. The aluminum crevasses soak up static effectively. Just wait a second before touching it, because it may deliver a slight shock.