Pennsylvania Cop Drives 84-Year-Old Man to Hospital So He Can Visit Ailing Wife

Deputy chief Jason Bentley escorted an 84-year-old man to the hospital.
Deputy Police Chief Jason Bentley gave an elderly man a ride. Montoursville Police Department

The elderly man had no way of getting to the hospital by himself.

An 84-year-old man in Pennsylvania needed to get to the hospital to see his sick wife, who had just been taken away in an ambulance.

He told Montoursville Police Chief Jeff Gyurina, who was at the scene, that he couldn't drive anymore, and had no family in the area who could give him a ride to the hospital.

Gyurina didn't bat an eye. Whenever you're ready to go, he told the elderly man, just call the department's cell number and someone will come and pick you up.

And that is exactly what happened.

Roger Baker called a few hours later. Deputy Chief Jason Bentley picked up the phone. "I happened to be carrying the cellphone for the department," Bentley told Wednesday. "And we went to pick him up."

Baker cares for his wife, who is bedridden, around the clock. He had been feeding her when she began to choke. He was performing CPR when first responders arrived, Bentley said.

She remains hospitalized. "It's not good," he added. 

Bentley and another officer had stopped by to see Baker on Wednesday afternoon, just to check on him. "He was in good spirits," Bentley said. A woman in Cleveland, Ohio, had heard about Baker and his sick wife and called a local deli to assemble a meatloaf dinner for Roger.

She had it delivered to the police station, with instructions to take it to Baker's house. And Bentley took care of it.

"It's a small town," Bentley said of Montoursville, population 5,000. "We pretty much help everybody. Everybody knows everyone here."

Right after ferrying Baker to the hospital, Bentley got a call "to assist an elderly woman whose Life Alert device wasn't working." She had accidentally disconnected it, so Bentley hooked it back up for her.

"We do things like this all the time," he said.