Pennsylvania Man Wins $1 Million Lottery Using Fortune Cookie Numbers

Man uses fortune cookie numbers to win a cool million
NJ Lottery

Ronnie Martin used the same numbers he's had for years.

A Pennsylvania man's love of Chinese food may have recently won him a cool million.

Ronnie Martin of Long Pond drives to New Jersey every day for work and regularly stops at a gas station on the way to pick up lottery tickets.

On the evening of July's massive $543 million jackpot drawing, Martin bought three Mega Millions tickets, hand-picking numbers that were on the slip of paper in a fortune cookie he opened years ago.

He liked the numbers and decided to stick with them, the New Jersey Lottery explained in a press release.

When Martin used the store scanner the next day to scan the ticket, the device told him to "See clerk."

Ronnie went up to the clerk, Gary, and complained that the scanner wouldn't show him any information. Because Ronnie is a regular, Gary recognized him and knew immediately that Ronnie must be the winner of the $1,000,000 prize from the previous night.

"You've got the million dollar ticket!" Gary exclaimed.

Ronnie didn't believe him and asked him to scan the ticket to be sure. Gary insisted he knew it was the million dollar ticket before scanning it, showing Ronnie the five numbers in a row that matched the drawing perfectly.

Still unconvinced, Martin asked to see Gary scan the ticket.

It finally sunk in for Martin when after Gary scanned the ticket and showed Ronnie the display indicating $1,000,000.

“Alright, let's get the form out!" Martin exclaimed. 

Martin and his wife, Shirley, said they'll use the prize money to pay off their house and bills before putting the rest toward their savings.