Maryland Woman Wins $100,000 After Brother Inspired Her to Try Lottery

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She couldn't believe it!

A pair of Maryland siblings are sure keeping their winnings in the family after a woman won $100,000 right after her brother. 

The 26-year-old of Silver Spring said her brother inspired her to try scratch-off tickets after he won $100,000 earlier this year. 

"I was putting together a shopping list when an image of my brother suddenly popped into my head," she told Maryland Lottery officials. 

She knew her brother had won the money on a $10 ticket so she searched online to choose her own. 

She decided on a Diamond 10s scratch-off and bought one at a local liquor store. 

"There were 22 numbers to scratch after I'd revealed my five lucky number,” she said. “I was only on No. 3 when I found the $100,000 match. I was stunned at first, but I knew in my bones that it couldn't be true.”

It was true, however. 

A cashier at the Long Branch Beer & Wine in Silver Spring confirmed she’d won the cash.