Pennsylvania Woman Rescued After Falling Over Mt. Washington Hillside

"Caution Do Not Enter" tape

The woman was biking when her brakes failed and propelled her over the hillside.

A Pennsylvania woman was rescued and taken to the hospital after falling down part of the Mt. Washington hillside.

The woman was riding her bicycle on East Sycamore Street when her brakes failed and she hit the median, propelling her over the hillside, said Pittsburgh Public Safety officials, according to CBS News.

The bicyclist was stuck in her location 20 feet down before first responders could get to her, CBS News reported. 

EMS and firefighters were able to rescue the woman once they got her placed on a backboard, reported TribLive. 

According to TribLive, first responders said the woman was conscious during the rescue but had suffered an injury to her leg along with multiple other injuries. 

The woman was then transported to the hospital where she was listed as in serious but stable condition, TribLive reported.

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