People Around the World Want to Know Where Mysterious Sound Is Coming From

The odd noises have been heard as far away as Sweden.

Strange sounds are being heard around the world, and no one seems to know where they're coming from.

In Sweden, the odd noise sounded like a trumpet. A similar sound was heard in Michigan. 

In British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Glen MacPherson says he heard a strange humming sound in his home. At first, he thought it was an appliance.

“I cut power to entire house and the sound got louder,” he told Inside Edition. 

He later discovered he was not alone.

“This is a worldwide phenomenon," he said. "I'm calling it the worldwide hum." 

He has since created the Hum Map and Database Project. To date, some 17,000 civilians and scientists around the world, who call themselves “hummers,” have reached out to MacPherson, saying they have heard the same unexplained noise.  

Dr. MacPherson believes the mysterious hum could be caused by low-frequency sound waves. 

He actually built a 3-foot-by-6-foot steel box that blocks out low frequency sound waves. But for some reason, even inside it, he claims he can still hear the strange hum.

“Going in made no difference whatsoever of hum," he said. "If anything, it got louder."

Inside Edition producer Brianna Deutsch climbed inside the coffin-like box to test it out. She heard no hum. 

There are also the sounds of strange booms that sound like something from another planet.

It could be a sonic boom from a fighter jet breaking the sound barrier, or a meteor. 

A New Jersey home security camera in Bridgewater Township actually caught the flash and then the sound of a meteor.

The homeowner said the boom was so loud that it shattered windows and knocked pictures off his wall.