Pet Sitter Throws 10-Week-Old Puppy to Ground in Shocking Video

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Amanda and Bryce Horton were horrified when they logged on to their home security camera to see their pet sitter throwing their 10-week-old puppy Lucy to the ground. 

“She is such a little puppy, but not only does she throw her but after she throws her, she stands, like, 'What are you going to do now?'” Amanda told Inside Edition. 

Feeling helpless 90 miles from their home in Victorville, California, the couple couldn’t believe what they were seeing. 

“[Bryce] was able to talk through the camera to her and say, 'Hey, we saw what you did to our puppy. You need to get your things and leave our house now,'” Amanda said. 

The couple then raced home as fast as they could. 

“She just laid there. We kept watching the video when we were driving home. And she wasn’t moving a whole lot. The whole time we were thinking, 'She is probably really hurt,'” Bryce said. 

Amanda and Bryce had met the pet sitter using the popular app Rover, though they asked the sitter to watch Lucy that time themselves. 
Rover issued a statement: "The activity depicted in this video is shocking and appalling. We have permanently deactivated this sitter from our platform.” 

Fortunately, Lucy wasn’t seriously injured.


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