Petition to Remove Clarence Thomas from US Supreme Court Receives More Than 1 Million Signatures

Associate Justice Clarence Thomas sits during a group photo of the Justices at the Supreme Court in Washington, DC.
Clarence Thomas.Erin Schaff - Pool/Getty Images

“Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas,” was created on the public advocacy organization website MoveOn.

An online petition demanding the removal of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has received more than one million signatures.

The effort entitled “Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas,” was launched on the website of public advocacy group MoveOn in May. 

As of Friday, the petition had more than 1.1 million signers.

“Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas — who sided with the majority on overturning Roe — made it clear what’s next: to overturn high court rulings that establish gay rights and contraception rights,” the petition says.

On June 24, the conservative-dominated high court overturned the 1973 landmark Roe v. Wade decision, thereby stripping women of the constitutional right to obtain an abortion.

The ruling sparked demonstrations across the country as some states moved immediately to ban or strictly limit the procedure. About half of the nation's states have indicated they will limit access to abortion in some form.

The petition also mentioned Thomas’s wife, Ginni Thomas, and her participation in pushing Trump's efforts to challenge the 2020 election results.

Earlier this year, the high court rejected a demand from former President Trump to block the release of government documents pertaining to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. Thomas was the lone dissenter on that issue.

“He has shown he cannot be an impartial justice and is more concerned with covering up his wife’s coup attempts than the health of the Supreme Court.” 

“He must resign — or Congress must immediately investigate and impeach,” the petition said. 

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