PEZ Puts Out TikTok Showing Fans the 'Proper Way' to Load the Nostalgic Candy Dispenser

Ninja Turtle Pez photo is from the Easton Museum of PEZ Dispensers located in Easton, Pennsylvania.
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“Myth Busters: you can’t load a wrapped #PEZ candy roll from the bottom,” Pez Candy USA wrote.

PEZ put out a TikTok video showing the “proper way” to load the bite-sized candies into the dispenser and in the process debunked a viral TikTok hack that has been circulating.

A TikTok user posted a video on Wednesday that showed the hack

The video shows the wrapped PEZ package candy being loaded into the bottom of the dispenser, and when the person pushes down onto the dispenser,  the wrapper comes off easily and shows all the candies neatly lined up. However, many people who watched the video were unable to do it, People reported.

So then PEZ itself published a video clearing up any confusion people may have about the nostalgic candy-toy combination.

“Myth Busters: you can’t load a wrapped #PEZ candy roll from the bottom," the company wrote Thursday when they released the video.

In the video, someone’s hands are shown carefully taking the candy out of its package. Both hands are working together. One hand holds the dispenser while the other hand holds the stack of candy tablets and using a thumb and index finger loads all 12 tablets into the dispenser. Each tablet is lined up evenly so they won’t fall out on the other side, the dispenser is pushed closed. 

Viewers seem appreciative and some even expressed how funny the hack video was. 

One person wrote, “I saw the other video and laughed so hard.” 

Another person said. “Thanks for showing this. I tried the TikTok hack and obviously, it didn’t work. Lol.”

There were also some who admitted that they were using the dispenser incorrectly altogether. 

“Guess I was doing it the wrong way when I was younger. I wasn’t doing it that way or the TikTok way,” one commenter wrote.

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