Phoenix Woman Pulls Gun After Domestic Argument at Elementary School: Reports

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When a child went to enter a car after an alleged custody argument, a woman pulled out a gun outside an elementary school where a resource officer stopped her.

On Sept. 22 following an argument between two parents, one of them pulled out a gun in the parking lot of Mountain View School in Phoenix, according to published reports.  

Desira Marce Eliza Featchurs pulled out the gun with a child nearby before the officer intervened, according to local outlet KPHO. 

According to 12News, the school’s resource officer was called to the front of the school to help during a domestic dispute between two parents.

Phoenix police released a video showing a child getting into a car with a man when Featchurs objects, shouting towards the car and then pulling out a gun.

"He wanted to get in. He's getting in," the officer says, referring to the child getting into the car.

"You think I'm [expletive] playing?" she's heard yelling, before grabbing the gun out of her purse.

Shortly after Featchurs removes the gun from her bag, the officer stops her.

According to 12News, the 29-year-old was arrested but court records show has not been formally charged at this time.

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