Plane Crashes Into California House Hosting Super Bowl Party, Killing 5

The plane apparently broke apart in midair before crashing into the home in a fiery blaze.

A plane crashed into a California home where football fans were gathered to watch Sunday’s Super Bowl, killing five people. 

Four people in a house in Yorba Linda were killed, as was the pilot, after the plane fell out of the sky. 

“It felt like an earthquake and then my husband said, 'No, it's a plane,'” said one neighbor in video posted on social media. 

The main cabin of the airplane along with one of the engines came to rest at the bottom of a ravine in the backyard of a home, while one of the plane’s wings was spotted laying on the street. Authorities discovered other parts of the plane scattered on nearby rooftops. Officials reported that debris stretched for about four blocks. 

The plane was a twin-engine Cessna. It had taken off just six minutes before from Fullerton Municipal Airport prior to the crash.

The Super Bowl party had just gotten underway when disaster struck.

The pilot flew the 1981 twin-engine Cessna 414A about 10 miles before encountering a midair issue, according to authorities. The plane had reached about 700 feet in the air before it came crashing down, authorities added. 

On Monday, the Glenknoll Elementary School, which is close to where the incident occurred, was closed to be used as a command post for the investigation, according to a report.