Police Find Couple Who Dropped Engagement Ring Down New York City Grate

Playing Cops Help Get Tourist's Engagement Ring Back After It Fell In NYC Sidewalk Grate

Oh what a night!

After proposing in Central Park, John Drennan and his now-fiancee, Daniella Anthony, took a Friday evening stroll through Times Square, where the unthinkable happened. The engagement ring, too big for Anthony's finger, slipped off and tumbled down a grate. 

Drennan flagged down cops nearby, who searched for the ring to no avail, and the couple eventually left.

Police kept up the search and found the ring Saturday morning. But now they'd lost the couple.

So they turned online for help, releasing video of the ring's loss and asking for aid in identifying the pair. 

On Sunday, police managed to track down Drennan and Anthony, and the ring — cleaned, thankfully — is making its way back to them in the United Kingdom. 


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