Polly Wanna Alexa? Parrot Uses Amazon Echo to Turn on Lights in Home

The clever bird then mocked the machine.

This bird sure knows how to get things done.

Petra, an African grey parrot, is seen on video instructing her family’s Amazon Echo to turn on all the lights in the room and it surprisingly worked. 

“Alexa, all the lights — all on,” Petra squawked in the video as the bird was perched on its resting place near the machine. 

The device acknowledges the bird’s voice and obeyed it.  

Once the lights went on, Petra got a bit startled and fluttered on the perch but quickly got used to the newly illuminated room. 

Petra then mocked the machine by talking to itself. 

"Petra, sorry," the parrot says. "What are you doing? Do you want fresh water peanut? Say you're sorry. Do you want fresh water?”