'Poolside Karen' Shares Never-Before-Seen Video of Her Alleged Assault in First TV Interview

"I completely apologize for saying what I did about the pool party. I saw the video. It's completely embarrassing. I don't want to act like that or be like that," says Blair Featherman.

Blair Featherman never saw herself becoming a "Karen." 

That all changed in July however, when Featherman managed to grab headlines for the all the wrong reasons following the release of a 45-second video on TikTok which showed her yelling a group of people who had been using the pool at her apartment complex in Denver.

Soon, Featherman became known as "Poolside Karen."

Featherman is now sitting down with Inside Edition for her first-ever interview about the video while also sharing some party footage viewers did not get to see, and responding to those who have labeled her a racist after seeing the video.

She tells Jim Moret that, prior to the incident in July, there had been a number of times when individuals who did not live in her apartment complex would wait by the gate and then sneak into the pool area whenever a guest entered or departed the facility.

This is what she thought was happening on the day of the now-viral incident.

Featherman says she asked to see the key fob needed to access the pool from a member of the group, but they declined to show her anything.

That is when Featherman claims she was attacked by a man and multiple women at her Colorado apartment complex.

"They swarmed over like a swarm of bees, it was very fast," she says. "I got pushed first by a man, and then the women jumped on me."

Featherman says never-before-seen video supports her claim that she was assaulted by the group, pointing to the moment her feet go up in the air on the video as she retreats to her poolside chaise.

"I was literally curled up in a ball, just like this, trying to do as much as I could to get them from getting in close to me," Featherman says of her alleged attackers. "I poked some eyes and I think I pulled a girl's hair, but that was in defense because I had four women on top of me."

Featherman even says that she later discovered some press-on nails stuck in her hair.

It is right after this moment when the viral video begins, accordng to Featherman.

In the first clip, Featherman is seen yelling that the key fob used to access the pool area only allows for two people, not a "Mexican party in the pool."

She then refers to the group as "trash" and tells the woman filming, Jade Serie, that she cannot record her, before grabbing her phone, which Featherman says she returned a minute later.

Serie tells Inside Edition that she and her boyfriend, who she says lives in the apartment complex, showed Fetherman their fob when they arrived that day, but she says it did not stop Featherman from hurling racist insults at the group.

Later in the video, Featherman lashes out at one man and calls him "f***ing low class slime," before then mocking a woman who claims she is wearing Hermes.

Featherman says that she greatly regrets her actions that day, but is certain she is not a racist.

"Absolutely not," she tells Inside Edition. "I completely apologize for saying what I did about the pool party.  I saw the video.  It's completely embarrassing.  I don't want to act like that or be like that."

Inside Edition spoke to a member of the other party who said that Featherman was the instigator in the situation, and that they had a right to be at the pool.

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