Pothole in Florida Mysteriously Filled With a Banana Tree

Someone appears to be trying to bring attention to the road hazards, but they've created another inconvenient hazard instead.

Someone in Southwest Florida found an interesting way to “fix” a pothole — temporarily, at least.

The person reportedly planted a banana tree in the hole to bring attention to the road hazard. And attention it is getting.

“I pulled up and was like, ‘Is that really a tree in the middle of the road?’” one passerby said. “I took two takes. I was like, ‘what? What? What is this?’"

“Me and my wife instantly started laughing,” they added.

But what’s not funny, according to local drivers, is the hazard the hole is causing.

Many say they swerve or stop short to avoid driving over it. Those who don’t notice it in time could suffer damage to their vehicles.

They also say the tree isn’t helping as it has just created another obstacle in the road. 

The pothole is reportedly on a private street, so Lee County isn’t responsible for fixing it.

Now it’s up to the property owner to uproot this temporary fix and make a more permanent one.

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