Pregnant Personal Trainer Defends Heavy Weight Lifting After Backlash

Yanyah Milutinovic says what she is doing is safe. An OBGYN we spoke to agrees.

Personal trainer Yanyah Milutinovic is defending herself against a deluge of online criticism for lifting heavy weights while eight-months pregnant. The 34-year-old was slammed for a video of herself squatting 315 pounds while being spotted by her husband.

“Crazy woman,” said one comment. 

“Yeah you are crushing ‘it’,” said another.

OBGYN Dr. Jessica Shepherd, who is not Milutinovic's physician, says she believes what Milutinovic is doing is not harmful to her unborn baby.

“This is safe, looking at how much she used to do before. And this is someone who had weight lifted prior to pregnancy. Weight lifting actually helps support the muscles in the pelvis".

Milutinovic insists she listens to her doctor and never pushes it too hard.

“Some days I can lift a lot of weight and it feels great, and some days I gotta take it easy on myself, so I listen to my body and I go from that,” she said.

Inside Edition joined her at the gym, where didn’t break a sweat while lifting 225 pounds.

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