Pregnant Woman Goes Into Labor on US Military Flight While Evacuating Afghanistan

The pregnant woman is seen being helped off the plane by U.S. Airmen.
The pregnant woman is seen being helped off the plane by U.S. Airmen.Air Mobility Command

The C-17 transport aircraft had to descend to an altitude that was safer for the new mom as she experienced labor complications.

A pregnant woman fleeing Afghanistan went into labor while on a U.S. military evacuation flight. Despite undergoing complications giving birth, the new mom and her daughter are now doing well, officials said.

“The baby girl and mother were transported to a nearby medical facility and are in good condition,” Air Mobility Command said in a statement on Twitter.

The woman was on the second leg of her journey, fleeing the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, aboard a C-17 transport aircraft when she went into labor.

She quickly progressed into high labor, with her blood pressure dropping dangerously low due to the lower air pressure at the altitude the plane would have been flying at, People reported.

The pilot was able to descend to a safer altitude, which ultimately helped stabilize the mother’s health.

When the plane finally landed in Germany, a group of airmen were able to help her deliver her newborn in the cargo bay of the aircraft, officials said, and the pair were deemed “in good condition” when they arrived at a nearby medical facility.

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