Preschool Sweethearts Get Engaged in Front of Their Old Classroom

The couple plans to wed in June 2020.

One boyfriend surprised his lucky lady by popping the question in front of their closest family and friends in a proposal nearly a lifetime in the making.

Emma and Andrew, who goes by A.J., knew they were perfect for each other because they've known each other since they were in preschool.

“Being that young we didn't really stay in contact,” Emma told Inside Edition. 

On the wedding site “How They Asked,” she wrote that the two were best friends as kids, even describing their relationship as “preschool sweethearts.” 

Sixteen years later, they both ended up attending Indiana's Vincennes University by chance. While hanging out with a mutual friend, they put two and two together, and figured out their history.

The couple hit it off, again, and dated for a year and a half before he popped the question in February — right outside their old preschool classroom.

With help from his future mother-in-law, he was able to pull off the surprise of a lifetime. 

“Once the car stopped my mom guided me inside a building and up some stairs where she took my blindfold off. When I opened my eyes I saw all my friends and family standing in AJ and I’s preschool building right outside our old classroom and my preschool sweetheart down on one knee,” she wrote on “How They Asked.” 

They plan to wed in June of 2020.