Prince William and Prince Harry Won’t Walk Side by Side in Procession at Prince Philip’s Funeral

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace that they wouldn't be "drawn into those perceptions of drama" and that the arrangements represent the Queen's wishes.

Rehearsals are underway for Saturday's funeral for Prince Philip. But don't expect brotherly love to be on display. In fact, it's just been revealed Prince William and Prince Harry won't even be walking side by side in the procession.

“They will be separated by their cousin Peter Philips, who will walk in between them. When they reach the chapel, William will be the first to walk in, he will be followed by Peter Philips and Harry will then follow on behind,” Daily Mail editor Charlie Lankston told Inside Edition.

Once inside, the brothers won’t be sitting next to each other in the church. It’s a far cry from how close the brothers have been in the past.

Buckingham Palace refused to say if keeping the two apart is because of bad blood.

“We’re not going to be drawn into those perceptions of drama or anything like that. The arrangements have been agreed and they represent her majesty’s wishes,” a spokesman said.

In another break from tradition, William and Harry will not wear their military uniforms.

“We understand that this decision was taken over concerns that Harry would be upset and offended at being the only senior male member of the royal family not to be in military garb,” Lankston said.

Harry is now quarantining alone in Frogmore Cottage, while his pregnant wife Meghan Markle remains at home in California.

“To go through all of this without his wife by his side, to be missing his son — that just makes things all the more difficult. We do know that he is planning to return to the U.S. very quickly after the funeral takes place,” Lankston said.

Earlier Thursday, a tearful Prince Charles visited a makeshift memorial for his late father.

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