Pulse-Pounding Bodycam Video Shows Police Takedown of Cincinnati Bank Shooter

Three people were killed after Omar Santa Perez began opening fire at random.

Bodycam video of a tense shootout between cops and a gunman inside an Ohio bank has been released following a deadly barrage of gunfire earlier this month. 

The nightmare scene occurred as the police were responding to a report of a gunman killing victims at random inside the building last Thursday morning. 

Surveillance video from inside the bank showed the gunman walking in and opening fire. 

The video shows cops closing in on the suspect from the outside of the bank. Then, all hell breaks loose, with a multitude of blaring shots fired.

The shooter, identified as 29-year-old Omar Santa Perez, was killed.

Inside the bank, officers found three victims with fatal wounds. A bank employee survived after being shot 12 times. 

Cops say the shooter had an extra 250 rounds in his bag before his rampage at the Cincinnati bank was stopped.

"Our officers responded very quickly," Chief Eliot Isaac said at a press conference. "They engaged the threat, and they neutralized that threat; however, there was some tragedies that did occur ... You know, these are things that we see happening across the country, and we all have to be vigilant and prepared to deal with these situations."

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said the gunman was "actively shooting innocent victims.” He later described the scene as "horrific.”

The gunman's motive is not known.