Puppies With Hair Ties Around Their Mouths Rescued From Kansas Apartment

The pups are now in a foster home.

Two puppies in Kansas are getting a second chance at life after they were rescued from dire conditions.

Wilson and Violet, both about 7 weeks old, were found last week in a dark cage with hair ties placed around their noses. 

“The vet thinks we got them just in time before the rubber bands embedding on their skin,” Sarah Coffman, the Wichita Animal Action League's executive director, told InsideEdition.com.

The pups were discovered in a Wichita apartment after a maintenance worker let himself in to try to fix a busted pipe in the building. 

The worker immediately smelled feces and urine and spotted the dogs’ cage covered with a blanket in a corner.

"He couldn’t figure out why they were quiet," Coffman said. “He shined a flashlight and saw that they had something wrapped around their muzzles to keep them from opening their mouth and making noises.”

He quickly called an acquaintance who fosters dogs, who contacted the Wichita Animal Action League. Animal control and Coffman responded to the apartment and the puppies were rushed to an emergency vet.

"Every time you touched their noses, they just cried," Coffman said. 

Despite what they’ve endured, Wilson and Violet are friendly and affectionate, Coffman said.

“We took them outside for the first time," she said. "Seeing them get to be dogs was really awesome."

As their noses heal, the dogs are staying in a loving foster home. They will eventually be put up for adoption. 

“We would love for them to go to a place together,” Coffman added.