‘Puppy Nannies’ Fly Pets Around Country to Cure Pandemic Blues

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Lots of people have turned to new pets to cure their pandemic blues, and dog breeders across the country are getting inundated with adoption requests. Christine and Jeremiah Heath fly all over the U.S. bringing doodle puppies to their “fur-ever” home.

“More people have been staying at home, working from home, during the pandemic, so more people have been wanting puppies,” Christine told Inside Edition.

But these “puppy nannies” don’t come cheap. The pups, from Crockett Doodle Breeders in South Carolina, cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500. Flying a pup can cost up to $900, and that’s not including the puppy nanny’s ticket.

Christine took Inside Edition along on one flight to Sacramento to deliver a puppy named Mallory to her expectant new owners—empty nesters Tamara and Brian Loud.

“We're confined, we have nothing but time, so let's get a puppy,” Tamara said of her thinking.

It was a double delivery—Jim and Maria Gain also adopted Benji after their longtime pup recently passed away. It was love at first sight.


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