QAnon Candidate Who Won Georgia Primary Derides Nancy Pelosi as a 'B****' and Media as 'Enemy of the People'

Tech giants are taking stronger stances against the web of conspiracy theories.

A far-right congressional candidate in Georgia who ran and won on her support of the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory used her victory to deride Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as a "b****" and journalists as "the enemy of the people." 

Marjorie Taylor Greene won Republican primary for Georgia's 14th congressional district, which includes almost all of northwestern Georgia. She posted a video of a room full of people celebrating her victory Wednesday night; none in attendance wore masks or socially distanced. 

"She’s a hypocrite. She’s anti-American. And we’re going to kick that b**** out of Congress," Greene said of Pelosi during her victory speech. 

Greene focused much of her campaign on her support for President Trump and her belief in QAnon, a network of conspiracy theorists that believe, among other falsehoods, that Democrats and Hollywood celebrities are working together in the operation of a child sex ring.

Earlier this week, Google announced it was blocking shopping searches related to QAnon as concerns mount about the group's role in spreading misinformation and falsehoods.

After Greene defeated Republican John Cowan for the seat in Wednesday's run-off election, she tweeted: "The GOP establishment, the media, & the radical left, spent months & millions of dollars attacking me. Tonight the people of Georgia stood up & said that we will not be intimidated or believe those lies I’m excited to be the next Congresswoman of GA 14. God bless America." 

She also tweeted that she had banned several reporters on Wednesday.

"We kicked out several Fake News reporters tonight. If you would have shown up, you'd have been gone, too," Greene tweeted. "Tell your 'reporter' buddies not to waste time calling me, since I won't be taking their calls. Truly the enemy of the people."

Greene has previously been criticized for her anti-Semitic, racist and Islamaphobic comments, USA Today reported, including calling the election of the first Muslim-American women to Congress "an Islamic invasion of our government."

The district she is running to represent is more than 85% white with an unemployment rate of 12.6% and a college graduation rate of 16.6%. She will now face off against Democratic candidate Kevin Van Ausdal for the seat on Nov. 3. 


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