Quadriplegic College Student Walks Across Stage at Graduation Using Exoskeleton

Aldo Amenta became paralyzed after diving into the shallow end of a pool.

A quadriplegic college student never thought he would be able to walk for his graduation, but an exoskeleton gave him the chance to do the impossible.

Aldo Amenta, who graduated from Florida International University (FIU), walked across the stage to fetch his diploma from school officials, thanks to a little support from an exoskeleton.

“That’s just amazing to take those steps toward something that important,” Amenta, who is a Venezuelan native, told InsideEdition.com. “Even though whatever happened to me that didn't make me stop and helped me achieve and fulfill my dreams.”

Amenta explained that he broke his neck diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool three years ago.

“In the middle of my college career, I had an incident that changed everything and I became paralyzed,” he said.

He explained it was extremely difficult to find the will to continue his studies and considered dropping out.

But FIU offered him a scholarship as a part of its Ignite Campaign in order to help him complete his degree in electrical engineering.

“Maybe you think it is impossible to make it, but you will find people that are willing to help you,” he said. “That is what happened in my case. I had the support of so many nice people that helped me, that motivated me and gave me the strength to be able to continue to push myself through and stay positive.”

Amenta normally uses a wheelchair, but practiced for hours using an exoskeleton in order to walk across the stage on his big day.

After graduating from FIU with a degree in electrical engineering, he plans to pursue a master’s degree while continuing to be hopeful he will walk on his own one day.