Quick-Thinking Pennsylvania Teen Uses Trampoline to Help Residents Escape Fire

Fire truck parked in front of burning apartment building
A 17-year-old boy helped save residents in his apartment building.Bentleyville Fire-Rescue

"I'm proud of him," 17-year-old, Fallon O'Regan’s mom, Becky Williams told WTAE.

After a fire engulfed his apartment complex in Pennsylvania, a heroic teenager helped to save the people in the building.

After a fire broke out in Bentleyville around 1 a.m. on Aug. 2, 17-year-old Fallon O'Regan told WTAE he noticed a light coming from his porch. 

Though he was about to go to bed, O'Regan quickly realized the light was actually flames, and he sprang into action to help in any way he could.

The teen quickly left his apartment and pulled a trampoline from the yard to aid residents in escaping, WTAE reported.

“Me and Robert, my neighbor downstairs, we had to move the trampoline from across the side of the house to the three bedrooms over on the last part of the house because they would have got hurt,” O'Regan told WTAE.

"I'm proud of him," O'Regan’s mom, Becky Williams, told WTAE. "I mean we're suffering losses because we think we lost our cats, but he saved a lot of people today. I'm really proud of him."

According to the fire chief, three people were transported to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. 

"At 00:52 the alarm was struck for a apartment fire with reported people trapped," the Bentleyville Fire-Rescue department wrote on Facebook. "Medic 5407 arrived with a working fire and people jumping from windows. With quick action by the Medics and bystanders, a trampoline was used to aid those individuals trapped... Great work by all who operated... Our thoughts are with the families effected by this fire."

The cause of this fire is under investigation.

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