Radio Host Delilah Shares Pain of Losing Teen Son to Suicide

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For years, radio host Delilah has helped coach people on how to deal with their problems. But she's now revealing a personal crisis of her own. 

In her new book, "One Heart at a Time," the longtime radio personality writes candidly about losing her son Zach to suicide. 

"The one thing I prayed, God, you know ... people will call in in the most heartfelt situation and I always said, 'Lord please, you know, don't ever let me relate to someone who's lost a child,'" Delilah told Inside Edition. "That was my one prayer."

She added: "Didn't work out that way."

Delilah admitted it was difficult at first to speak about her 18-year-old son taking his own life.

"I couldn’t at first — I couldn’t write, I couldn’t talk about it,” she told "Good Morning America" last week. “But I do want parents to know. We need to talk about teenage suicide. We need to start having open conversations, as painful as they are, because it’s an epidemic.”

Delilah also revealed the inspiration behind the title of her book while speaking to Inside Edition. 

"We live in a very tumultuous time. ... It's bubbling, this hatred, and we need to change that," she said.


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