Rapper CupcaKKe's Suicidal Tweet May Have Saved Her Life

Rapper CupcaKKe sent out a suicidal tweet that may have saved her life.

Authorities performed a welfare check after several people called 911.

A rapper’s suicidal tweet may have saved her life.

Rapper CupcaKKe, 21, sent out a disturbing tweet Monday evening, writing, “Im about to commit suicide.” Immediately, messages of support from hundreds of social media users, including other celebrities, began to pour in. Numerous people also called authorities, according to reports.

CupcaKKe, whose real name is Elizabeth Harris, was transported to a hospital after police performed a wellness check, E! News reported.

"Officers went out a few times to check on Elizabeth," a spokesperson for the Chicago Police Department told Radio 1 Newsbeat. "Once they got in touch with her, they took her to hospital — not for her injuries — but for a mental evaluation."

A few hours after the incident, the rapper thanked fans for their support on Instagram.

"Thank you for everything y'all have done for me," CupcakKe tweeted. "I really appreciate it."

CupcaKKe has released four albums since 2016. She is scheduled to tour the U.K. in March.