The Real-Life Miracle That Inspired 'Breakthrough': Today on Inside Edition

Chrissy Metz and John Smith pose together.
Getty Images

Based on a real-life miracle, the movie "Breakthrough," starring Chrissy Metz, is stirring plenty of buzz. 

John Smith was just 14 years old when he fell through an icy Missouri lake in 2015 and was declared dead for 45 minutes. But then he made a stunning recovery after his mother fervently prayed for him. See what he's doing today.

A Texas judge shot in her own driveway is thrilled to be alive three years after the terrifying incident. So what was going through her head at the time?

A student tried to take down his principal with a wrestling move, but the principal wasn't having it. Now the teen, who says he was just play-fighting, faces charges.

And did a millionaire steal from Kmart?

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