The Remarkable Stories of 3 Women Who Lost Nearly 500 Pounds Between Them

The women are featured in the latest issue of "People" magazine.

These three women have lost half their size and together dropped almost 500 pounds. 

Sara Cloutier, 36, once tipped the scales at 301 pounds after the birth of her first child.   

“Pasta was a huge thing for me," she said. "I used to eat it with a ton of butter, maybe half a stick, and so much cheese. I couldn't get enough of it."

Then she started exercising and eating lean protein with grilled veggies. It took time, but she dropped 167 pounds. Now she's pregnant with her third child and isn't concerned about gaining the weight back.

“My body started getting addicted to the healthier foods because I was feeling better and they were fueling me,” she said. 

Morgan Root, 35, also struggled with weight after the birth of her first child.  

“I would eat hamburgers, I would have two meals instead of one and sodas — I would have five Diet Cokes a day.  I would wake up drinking Diet Coke and go to bed drinking Diet Coke,” she said. “I used to eat two cheeseburgers and French fries and Diet Cokes all day long.” 

She shed 128 pounds using Nutrisystem.

Melody Perdue has lost an astonishing 180 pounds! At her heaviest, she weighed 307 pounds.  

“My old diet before consisted of a lot of unhealthy foods,” she said. “A lot of fried chicken, fries. I used to love soda and candy.  My biggest thing was candy.” 

The 34-year-old from Massachusetts used the OPTAVIA packaged meal plan program to shed the weight.  

Their incredible weight loss journeys are featured in the new issue of People magazine which is on stands Friday. For additional video of their amazing transformations, check out the People TV app.