Retired Ohio Sheriff and His K9 Partner, the World's Smallest Police Dog, Die on Same Day

Midge, a rat terrier Chihuahua, was by Geauga County Sheriff Dan McClelland's side for 16 years. 

They were partners in crime. Midge, the world's smallest police dog, and Sheriff Dan McClelland, worked together for years to keep Geauga County in Ohio safe. Midge, a rat terrier Chihuahua, was by McClelland's side for 16 years. 

"She was with him 24 hours a day," Geauga County Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand said. "He brought her to meetings we'd go to, she'd ride in the car with him."

McClelland retired in 2016 after 13 years spent as sheriff. He was a 44-year veteran of the force, and a decade of that time was spent working with Midge.

Though she was small, Midge was mighty. A certified narcotics dog, Midge was trained to go where the big dogs can't on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio. 

But the story of Midge and McClelland took a sad turn recently when McClelland passed away after a bout with cancer. Midge, at home, passed away on the very same day. 

McClelland and Midge will be buried together, his family told the Associated Press.

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