Ring Camera Captures the Moment a Pizza Delivery Man Saves 90-Year-Old's Life

Joey Herrera, a 29-year-old pizza delivery man, spotted the 90-year-old grandmother on the ground outside her home while making a delivery in the neighborhood.

A pizza delivery may have saved this 90-year-old’s life.

Annie Goshen, a grandma based in Tampa, Florida, had fallen outside her home while attempting to get inside her house on Tuesday evening. Goshen had been cutting flowers when she tripped over a rock and fell.

Joey Herrera, a 29-year-old delivery man for Westshore Pizza, happened to spot her while making a delivery in her neighborhood.

When Herrera saw Goshen sprawled out, he came to her rescue. “It literally felt like I saw my own grandmother on the floor,” he told Inside Edition.

Goshen’s Ring camera captured the sweet delivery man helping her up, and assisting her into her living room. “I was so afraid when I saw you laying there,” he told her.

He called 911 later, and when paramedics arrived, he told them, “I just wanted to make sure she was good.”

Paramedics later notified Goshen’s daughter, who says she has “no doubt” her elderly mother may have died if Herrera wasn’t there to save the day. “It’s extraordinary for a young person to be so aware,” she told Inside Edition.

And to show her thanks, Goshen’s daughter rewarded Herrera a check for $350. Herrera even got a bonus from his boss at Westshore Pizza.

“You’re a blessing,” she said.

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