California Lifeguard Rescues Tofu, Small Dog Spotted in the Ocean, and Reunites Pup With Owner

Tofu, an adorable little pup, ran into the water out of fear. Luckily a Long Beach lifeguard, Chase McCall, came to the rescue.

A California lifeguard is being hailed a hero after saving a pup that swam into the ocean.

The adorable dog, Tofu, slipped out of her owner's yard and ended up at the beach. When people tried to catch her, she spooked and ran into the water.

Bystanders alerted Chase McCall, a Long Beach lifeguard.

“As soon as I saw her, maybe about 20 yards away from me, I hustled over to me and she came right to me,” McCall tells Inside Edition. “I just grabbed her and put her on the rescue board and held her for a second to hopefully help her to calm down.”

Holding Tofu with one hand, he paddled back to shore and then wrapped the dog in a towel.

Inside Edition was there when Tofu was reunited with her owner Jason. 

“This is just truly truly amazing,” Jason said.

Jason tells Inside Edition that Tofu actually doesn't do well with water, often freaking out when she’s about to have a bath. “She hates the water so to find her to be that far in the water… it’s just absolutely mind-blowing,” Jason says.

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