Robin Williams' Struggle With Undiagnosed Lewy Body Dementia Retold in New Doc: 'I Saw His Morale Crumbling'

Robin Williams
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The 64-year-old comedian was unknowingly suffering from a disorder known as Lewy Body Dementia.

A new documentary tells the story of renowned comedian Robin Williams' final months as he struggled with undiagnosed Lewy Body Dementia before taking his own life. "Robin's Wish," directed by Tyler Norwood, features commentary from his widow, Susan, and others who worked with him.

Susan said her husband knew something was terribly wrong and battled to get answers right up until his death, even while he kept making movies. 

"I got a phone call. It was Robin," Susan says in the documentary. "He was having a panic attack, and he could not calm himself down."

She also says he was "having such a struggle to remember just one line."

"Night at the Museum" director Shawn Levy says he saw red flags during production.

"Robin would call me at 10 at night, at 2 in the morning, at 4 in the morning, saying, 'Is it usable? Is any of this usable?'" Levy said. "I saw his morale crumbling. I saw a guy who wasn't himself."

Susan said her husband was mistakenly diagnosed with Parkinson's. It was only after Robin's death that it was revealed by the coroner that the 63-year-old comedian suffered from a disorder known as Lewy Body Dementia, a disease that ravages the mind and body

"How terrifying could that be. It must be the most horrifying personal Armageddon of all," Robin's longtime pal, comedian Rick Overton, told Inside Edition.

"The last thing he said was 'Goodbye sweet friend,'" Overton said.

Those close to the late comedian hope the new documentary will shine a light on his brilliance and the terrible disease that took away the laughs.