Ronnie O’Neal III, Florida Man Who Defended Himself in Court, Found Guilty of Murdering Girlfriend, Daughter

The verdict comes after weeks of an unusual trial where O’Neal chose to represent himself.

Earlier this week, Ronnie O’Neal III was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. He was also found guilty of arson, two counts of aggravated child abuse and resisting an officer without violence in 2018.

The verdict comes after weeks of an unusual trial in Florida where O’Neal chose to represent himself. 

During his opening statement, he said, “The evidence is going to show that I love my children, and the evidence is going to prove to you that this whole entire case has been tackled with and fabricated before it's all said and done.”

As the trial moved into the penalty phase, O’Neal changed tactics and decided not to act as his own attorney since prosecutors have said they intend to seek the death penalty. 

The penalty phase began on Wednesday, and the jury is expected to hear lengthy testimony from a psychologist who examined O’Neal, before they decide his fate.

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