Rosie the Lost Border Collie Turns Herself in at Police Station to Be Reunited With Family

Surveillance cameras show Rosie calmly entered the stativon’s automatic doors and waited for assistance. Thanks to Rosie’s collar, police knew exactly whom to call, and they were happy to reunite their “new furry friend” with her human family.

A whip-smart border collie proved once again how intelligent her dog breed is after showing up at a police station to be reunited with her family in the United Kingdom.

After getting spooked by fireworks, Rosie the border collie took off.

But ultimately, she found her way into the Leicestershire Police station.

She was patient enough to wait for the doors to automatically open up for her, then she waited inside for help.

“Dogs don't just wander through," Fiona Lacey with the Leicestershire Police said. "I've never seen a dog wander through into the front inquiry office, especially one that's been spooked by fireworks. And it got lost and brought itself to a place of safety. Very, very clever dog."

Luckily, Rosie had a collar so police were able to call her family and help get them reunited after Rosies long day.

"It was a big relief we knew where she was," said Rosie's owner, Steve Harper. "So, I was grateful to the police and for her collar and tag."

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