Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Personal Trainer Does Pushups in Her Honor Next to Her Casket

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As Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lied in state at the US Capitol Friday, her former personal trainer, Bryant Johnson, honored her the best way he knew how by doing push-ups next to her casket.

Johnson was featured in the popular 2018 documentary on Justice Ginsburg, “RBG,” which featured many scenes of the justice and Johnson working out as she battled illnesses such as cancer.

Ginsburg was also honored with a performance by opera singer Denyce Graves in an effort to honor the justice’s well-known love of opera.

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris were among those who paid their respects in Washington.

Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt honored Ginsburg, speaking as she lied in state saying, “She was our prophet, our north star, our strength for so very long. Now she must be permitted to rest after toiling so hard for every single one of us. May the memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg forever and ever be a blessing. God give us the strength and bless us with the courage, intelligence, the bravery and the unbreakable resolve to pursue justice. Amen.”

Ginsberg was the first woman and the first Jewish citizen to be so honored at the U.S. Capitol. She will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in a private ceremony.


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