Sanitation Workers Are the Unsung Heroes on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Trash is up by 40% since the beginning of the pandemic.

With so many Americans homebound in the wake of COVID-19, garbage bins are overflowing. Sanitation workers are the unsung heroes of the pandemic and working overtime hard to make sure it all gets picked up. 

Since the pandemic began, trash is up by 40%, partly due to all the packages being delivered to your home and because it's spring cleaning time in many households, with lots of items to throw out.

Homeowner Daneen Patron has found she is taking out the trash a whole lot more. "What's the first thing you got to be doing? Clean up! Why not?" she told Inside Edition.

Inside Edition also met up with sanitation worker Hugo Gomez of Republic Services. Since the pandemic started he has been working 60 hours per week just to keep up with the demand.

"It's more exhausting. We have to push ourselves more than we would normally do," Gomez said.

It takes about three hours for Gomez to complete the first phase of his route, before heading to the local dump. Then he does it all over again.